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Non Medical

Executive - Nurse :

Opportunity for Executive - Nurse for our hospital in Mahim

Location: Mahim - Mumbai

Qualification: BSc Nursing + MSc Nursing / MHA / MBA

Position Title: Executive Nurse

Role: Clinical Nursing Administration.

Job Description:

  • Executive Nurse shall be responsible for supporting Managers with various tasks of over-all clinical nursing management and administration.
  • This shall be inclusive of a combination of supervised, progressively complex and independent evaluation and/or management functions, educational, Audit / Research activities and collaborative multi-functional work-flows essential for optimizing outcomes.


  • Assisting, co-ordinating and completing assigned tasks of day-to-day operations in nursing practice in liaison with Managers, Supervisors, and other senior staff.
  • Work with immediate superiors to ensure that an appropriate managerial and professional infrastructure is in place to support the delivery of services and functional requirements within their unit which are in line with the organisational objectives.
  •  Work with all members of the multi professional team to develop services that meet organisational and divisional requirements and to ensure the effective provision of all aspects of clinical care is maintained at a high standard.
  •  Collaborate with multi-professionals within and outside the organization for educational exchange/ affiliations.
  •  Undertaking various projects and identifying trends; Developing recommendations based on the information gathered.
  •  Undertake responsibility for proactively developing, implementing and reviewing clinical practices to ensure cost effectiveness.
  • Contribute towards the development, production and implementation of the departments strategic objectives and CQI plan, in line with agreed objectives.

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